Lake Tahoe Sunset

Help… I Can’t Breathe!

Can you hear me? Are you breathing? I stopped breathing for almost 907,200 minutes. I believe you can be claimed clinically dead after 15 minutes, but the studies I’ve read share different timetables. Brain damage and death can occur as early as 6 minutes without breathing… So, am I a miracle of science? Hardly. In […]

CVAP Celebrates One Year of Service

Collaborative VA Partners is Celebrating Its One Year Anniversary

Collaborative VA Partners is Celebrating Its One Year Anniversary So, why do 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first year? As my ONE YEAR Anniversary approaches, I’m pondering a question in my head. So, I turn to my friend and trusted business advisor, Google and ask, “How many businesses fail within the first […]

Ideal Client Avatar

3 Steps to Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar

Are you struggling to identify your ideal client and create an avatar for your business? Here is an easy 3 Step Exercise to get you through the challenge quickly. First, let’s clarify… What exactly is a Client Avatar? And WHY do you need one? What is a Client Avatar? A client avatar is simply a […]

Contemplating - Is Failure a Dirty Word?

I Have a Dirty Word to Discuss… Failure

For me, failure is NOT an option! This has been my mantra or objective if you will, for many years now. A most significant belief, goal and expectation I value for myself, and even as I planned the creation of my own company over the past couple years. Officially “launching” my company this year, this […]