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Help… I Can’t Breathe!

Can you hear me? Are you breathing? I stopped breathing for almost 907,200 minutes. I believe you can be claimed clinically dead after 15 minutes, but the studies I’ve read share different timetables. Brain damage and death can occur as early as 6 minutes without breathing… So, am I a miracle of science? Hardly. In […]

CVAP Celebrates One Year of Service

Collaborative VA Partners is Celebrating Its One Year Anniversary

Collaborative VA Partners is Celebrating Its One Year Anniversary So, why do 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first year? As my ONE YEAR Anniversary approaches, I’m pondering a question in my head. So, I turn to my friend and trusted business advisor, Google and ask, “How many businesses fail within the first […]

Ideal Client Avatar

3 Steps to Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar

Are you struggling to identify your ideal client and create an avatar for your business? Here is an easy 3 Step Exercise to get you through the challenge quickly. First, let’s clarify… What exactly is a Client Avatar? And WHY do you need one? What is a Client Avatar? A client avatar is simply a […]

5 Tips for Your Holiday Out of Office Messages

5 Tips for Your Holiday Out of Office Messages

5 Tips for Your Holiday Out of Office Messages Don’t Forget to Set Your Out of Office Alerts! Tip #1 Email – Please don’t forget this. We all anticipate people will be taking vacation time for the holidays, but please let us know. If you don’t respond to incoming email messages your clients could spend […]

Contemplating - Is Failure a Dirty Word?

I Have a Dirty Word to Discuss… Failure

For me, failure is NOT an option! This has been my mantra or objective if you will, for many years now. A most significant belief, goal and expectation I value for myself, and even as I planned the creation of my own company over the past couple years. Officially “launching” my company this year, this […]

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Be the Master of Your Success at the IVAA Online Summit!

Are you thinking about launching a Virtual Assistant business, but aren’t sure where to start? Or, maybe you’ve been a Virtual Assistant for a while, but need a boost to take your business to the next level. Well then, the International Virtual Assistant Association’s (IVAA) Online Summit is just the ticket! With 2 full days […]

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My Virtual Assistant Just Developed My Business Plan – Can They DO That?!

Yes, They CAN! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or even a corporate executive, you may be scoffing at this headline. However, have you worked with a Virtual Assistant lately? Don’t let their title fool you. The Virtual Assistant (VA) of today brings a whole new level of expertise to the virtual table. Underestimate […]

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What is a VA or Virtual Assistant?

You may be hearing the term Virtual Assistant or VA more frequently over the past few years. So just what is a Virtual Assistant? Who are these “virtual” workers and what exactly do they do? Wikipedia, our ever popular go-to source for information, has this to say: A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA) is […]