CVAP Services

Laura’s Objectives

My goal is to grow my business by teaming with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are driven, talented and out there motivating others. I have stage fright, so I cannot be the one with the microphone engaging audiences, but I will support you behind the scenes in all aspects of your business.

I am driven, multi-faceted, tenacious and love to see my clients succeed!

Web Presence

Collaborative VA Partners www

I will manage all of the tasks you may find mundane or that take up too much of your time. If you don’t want to be a website designing expert in your non-existent free time, please let me design something fabulous for you! If you are ready to take your business to another level, let me and CVAP be your “staff” to support your clients through email, phone calls, appointment setting, etc.  Whatever level of support you are looking for, we can manage it.

Speaking Engagements or Personal Training Development

Collaborative VA Partners Trainer Coach Speaker AuthorAre you attending as many events as you should? Are you booking all of the speaking engagements you would like to? Let us help manage your calendar and book speaking engagements for you. Do you need to focus on your specialty and stop wasting time searching Expedia, Orbitz or Kayak for affordable travel? Well, that is just one of our specialties. We’ll book appearances, review contracts, confirm all travel itineraries, track expenses and ensure you feel confident through every step of your trip.

Author in the Making

Have you written your book yet? Do you just need the time and inspiration to complete it? Or do you need an unbiased editor to assist with content flow, grammatical review or even just getting it from paper to electronic format? We’ve been editing documents, blogs, and professional pieces for over 20 years!

Already published?! Terrific! We can help you promote your work, find speaking engagements, promote you via social media, schedule book signing appearances, and more…

Coaching and Business Development/Goal Setting

Do you need to reevaluate your business? Do you have someone mentoring and coaching you? With the majority of your time focused on coaching YOUR clients, who helps to coach you? Do you need some motivation, a redesign of your processes and time-management goals? Let CVAP support you and get you out of your daily grind and back to your vision that has made you successful!

Vacation Time/Office Hours

Collaborative VA Partners Do you just need a vacation and can’t turn technology off? Do you fear abandoning your clients for any period of time when you just need to refresh? Forward your office to us while you recharge your batteries and spend some much needed family time or sitting somewhere warm with your toes in the sand.  You can confidently forward your clients to us for support via telephone, email, or text while you turn your iPad off and your iTunes on!

We know it is hard to turn your business off, or sometimes even see through the daily tasks.
If you are not growing your business but merely surviving,
then you’re likely not living your dream.