Below is a list of Resources to help you manage your business. These are tools I currently use, have used, or am very familiar with and I update my list regularly to share the best information available.

Website Tools

  • GoDaddy – Domain Name and Website Hosting Services
  • Blue Host – Website Hosting Services
  • Host Gator – Website Hosting Services


Internet Monitoring and Notification Services

These services monitor the web and will send you email notifications anytime there is new content found matching the keywords you provide. These are important tools for monitoring trends, topics of interest and even your own profile and business activities.

Google Alerts


The first notification alert you should create on both Google Alerts and TalkWalker is your “Vanity” Alert. This is where you create a notification request for your business name, your Twitter handle, Facebook page, your business website URL and even your name. This way you can monitor how and when people are talking about you and your business. Monitor this closely as you never want to have a PR incident.

Other alerts to create can be your areas of interest or related to your field of expertise. Give them both a try and see what you think. I personally have found articles of mine published via big name outlets through these alerts. When you do interviews and the reporters forget to inform you that they are publishing them, this is a great way to catch your content being published immediately!

I highly recommend both services!


Shopping Tools – Shop through the eBates portal and receive cash back from thousands of retailers including GoDaddy, Staples, BestBuy and Apple.

Rebates of up to 40% are mentioned, though most are around 3-7%, it adds up quickly and you can have the rebates direct deposited into your account, or they will send you a check in the mail.


Everyone knows about Amazon Prime, but if you haven’t wanted to pay the $99 annual fee there are numerous reasons to just do it. The biggest benefit for me personally is FREE 2 Day Shipping! Sometimes FREE Same Day shipping and you can even find FREE 2 Hour Shipping options.

There is a very lengthy list of other benefits of Prime Membership I won’t even attempt to cover here, but I’ll just mention a couple: Prime Movies, Music, Books, and Audible. If you own your own business, do yourself a favor and sign up for Prime. If you ever run out of printer ink during a large project or need to buy a new headset for your computer, you will be relieved to know you can have almost anything you need delivered asap.