About Collaborative VA Partners

My WHY – A Little Background About Laura, Founder of CVAP

Working in the corporate world for over 15 years supporting CEO’s and Presidents I’ve learned many skills, business concepts, strategies, time-management skills, etc. However, the two most important things I have learned were about myself:

1) I love administrative support roles and

2) Job Security is a mythical concept of yester-year.

I’ve survived multiple downsizing, outsourcing and reorganization efforts over the years, however, after 15 years with one company, I was finally unable to dodge the inevitable bullet any longer.  It was a tough experience to endure and I’m sure I felt the same feelings everyone else likely experiences. It created doubt in myself, my abilities and my future.  My job responsibilities were geographically relocated, and although I was given the opportunity to move with the work, I chose not to move cross-country for that opportunity. So, although it wasn’t a direct reflection on my value to the company, it was hard to not take it personally and those doubts crept in.

With a little time and several weeks of upgrading my job hunting skills, dusting off my resume and self coaching, I got back out there and happily landed another grCollaborative VA Partners Goal Plan Successeat opportunity! Sadly, after only one year it happened again. Yep, once more I found myself unemployed and wondering… What happened to the concept of “job security” that my parents had always talked about? Clearly I’m not the first to ask this question or experience this doubt first hand.

Yes, Virginia, there may be a Santa Claus, but there is definitely no such thing as job security.

So, I decided after several years of planning, it was time to take the plunge.  I would officially start my own company. Not only would I now have complete control over my own job security, more importantly, I would have direct control over my schedule and how I spend my working hours each day. I can focus on the tasks that I love and excel at, leave the other stuff behind.

So here I am! Founder of Collaborative VA Partners.

I am happily working virtually with Speakers, Coaches and Trainers across the US and even supporting a team of branding specialists in the UK.


Summary of Laura’s Style

Collaborative VA Partners Collaborative business partner who possesses keen insight in quickly understanding/interpreting diverse client needs. Recognized as a leader with excellent communication and interpersonal skills and who is able to build cohesion, trust and project engagement across all levels of stakeholders including executives, users, vendors, clients and key decision-makers.

Excellent organizational, time management, negotiation and presentation skills. Highly skilled service professional with extensive experience in dealing with the public in a professional and composed manner; strong ability to organize employee schedules, restructure offices, plan executive meetings as well as all aspects of office management and administrative duties. Trusted to handle highly sensitive and confidential documents and personnel/business matters.